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Murder Hunt

Explain to the class that a murder has been committed and that it is their responsibility to solve the mystery. The answers to these six questions have to be found within the next X amount of minutes:

1. Who was murdered?

2. Who committed the murder?

3. When?

4. Where?

5. What was the weapon?

6. Why?

The class sits round in one large circle and every student is given a clue card. The teacher explains the rules: "You have to keep your own card - you can't give or show your card to anyone; only one person in the group is allowed to write; you can't leave your places. When, as a group, you think you have all six answers, let me know and I'll tell you how many you've got right or wrong, not which ones. If you don't get them all right within fifteen minutes, I win!". From this point on the teacher doesn't intervene, no matter how badly the group does, unless violence is about to be committed! The teacher acts merely as a timekeeper and gives the student a reminder halfway through.

These are the thirty clues that should be printed onto small cards.

  1. Only one bullet had been fired from Mr Azir's gun.

  2. Clare Smith saw Jamil go to Mr Azir's block of flats at 11:55pm

  3. The workman had been with the company for years and was regarded as completely truthful and trustworthy

  4. The workman said that he often saw Jamil's sister walking down the road with Andrew Scott.

  5. The workman reported to the police that he saw Jamil with no injuries at 11:50pm

  6. Jamil had destroyed Mr Azir's business by stealing all his customers

  7. Jamil's sister disappeared after the murder.

  8. The workman saw Jamil's sister go to Andrew Scott's house at 11:30pm

  9. It was clear that Jamil's body had been dragged a long way.

  10. Clare Smith worked at the same school as Andrew Scott.

  11. Jamil's bloodstains were found in Andrew Scott's car.

  12. When he was found dead, Jamil had a bullet hole in his leg and a knife wound in his back

  13. Andrew Scott's ex-wife was regarded as a very jealous woman.

  14. Mr Azir disappeared after the murder.

  15. Clare Smith often followed Jamil.

  16. Jamil's body was found in the park.

  17. The police were unable to find Andrew Scott after the murder

  18. The workman saw Jamil go to Andrew Scott's house at 12:25am

  19. Mr Azir had told Jamil that he was going to kill him.

  20. Andrew Scott was a teacher who was very keen on outdoor pursuits

  21. When the workman saw Jamil just after midnight, Jamil was bleeding but did not seem very badly hurt.

  22. Mr Azir shot an "intruder" in his block of flats at midnight.

  23. Jamil had been dead for an hour when his body was found, the police doctor said.

  24. A knife with Andrew Scott's fingerprints on it was found in Clare Smith's garden.

  25. Jamil's bloodstains were found on the carpet outside Mr Azir's flat

  26. Jamil's body was found at 1:30am

  27. In the local community, Mr Azir was regarded as a kind and cheerful man.

  28. The bullet taken from Jamil's leg matched the gun owned by Mr Azir.

  29. The workman said that nobody left Andrew Scott's house between 12:25am and 12:45am

  30. Jamil had very strong religious beliefs.

Make up more clues if you need them.

Murder Hunt
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Murder Hunt
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The answers:

  1. Victim: Jamil

  2. Murderer: Andrew Scott

  3. When: 12:30am

  4. Where: Andrew Scott's house

  5. Weapon: Knife

  6. Why: It seems as though Jamil interfered in a relationship between his sister and Andrew Scott. Presumably they murdered him so that they could carry on undisturbed.

The purpose of a game such as this is to get students to appreciate the need for basic rules and procedures as well as developing communication skills. The overriding purpose of Murder Hunt is to establish agreed behaviours that support self-esteem and collaboration. It confronts students with the idea that they should accept both personal and corporate responsibility, self-discipline and the creation of a self-regulating classroom society. Secondarily, the activity exercises a wide range of thinking skills - especially as only one person is allowed to write and so much has to be held and processed in the mind.

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