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For teacher sub-standard 5d, you need to demonstrate have a clear understanding of the needs of all pupils, including those with special educational needs; those of high ability; those with English as an additional language; those with disabilities; and be able to use and evaluate distinctive teaching approaches to engage and support them

The types of evidence you can use to showcase this are:

  • Lesson plans show explicit differentiation

  • In observation, resources created show awareness of need for differentiation, delivery is inclusive

  • Written feedback and pupil/ parent meetings show understanding of different needs

  • Appropriate methods of assessment and next steps

  • G&T opportunities promoted throughout

Remember that the evidence in isolation isn’t enough, you will need to annotate it to signpost exactly where/how you are meeting the standard. If you are using an article from your research, you should try and write up notes on the three I’s (intent, implementation, impact) to say how the article or research has influenced your teaching. You could also refer to the research in your lesson planning and/or lesson evaluations.

You can use photographic evidence to support your evidence for this standard. Be sure to anonymise any student work or data by blacking out names or identifying details. You could use witness statements to support some of this evidence or a copy of CPD notes signed and dated by your mentor.

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