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For teacher sub-standard 3a, you need to demonstrate that you have a secure knowledge of the relevant subject(s) and curriculum areas, foster and maintain pupils’ interest in the subject, and address misunderstandings.

The types of evidence you can use to showcase this are:

  • Planning showing progression from before and onwards

  • Lesson observations show differentiation & appropriate challenge, questioning

  • Marking & feedback, Assessment

  • Target setting

  • Pupil conferencing

  • Work scrutiny

  • CPD – engagement in INSET, staff meetings, courses, school networks

  • Leading subject (INSET, staff meeting, subject leader file)

  • Support/ liaise with colleagues

  • Classroom environment

  • Focus weeks, clubs

  • Creativity outside classroom

  • Communication with parents

  • Modelling interests, identifying & signposting to further activities

Remember that the evidence in isolation isn’t enough, you will need to annotate it to signpost exactly where/how you are meeting the standard.

You can use photographic evidence to support your evidence for this standard. Be sure to anonymise any student work or data by blacking out names or identifying details. You could use witness statements to support some of this evidence or a copy of CPD notes signed and dated by your mentor.

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