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For teacher sub-standard 2b, you need to demonstrate that you are consistently aware of pupils’ capabilities and their prior knowledge, and plan teaching to build on these.

The types of evidence you can use to showcase this are:

  • Annotated lesson plans (including differentiation)

  • AfL strategies

  • Seating and group plans – identification of vulnerable children

  • Impact of intervention

  • Use of assessment to inform planning; SIMS assessment data sheets (AssessmentManager)

  • IEPs; Individual pupil targets (data); annotated individual pupil tracking sheets

  • Entry & Exit cards

  • Observations

  • Understanding of tracking documents/ systems in school & demonstration ofusing them

  • Key questions identified in planning

  • APP sheets/ Planning linked to APP

  • e-books

  • EYFS profile

  • Baseline assessments

  • Learning logs/ Learning walks

  • Use of school pastoral systems, e.g. attendance

  • Transition information

  • Parents, including home visits

  • Other professionals who are involved, e.g. speech therapists, etc.

  • Discussion with students/pupils – students planning?

  • Work scrutiny; Quality of marking in books

  • ‘Vulnerability register’ – records barriers to learning – staff take responsibility

  • CAF tracker

Remember that the evidence in isolation isn’t enough, you will need to annotate it to signpost exactly where/how you are meeting the standard.

You can use photographic evidence to support your evidence for this standard. Be sure to anonymise any student work or data by blacking out names or identifying details.

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