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For teacher sub-standard 1a, you need to provide evidence that you consistently establish a safe and stimulating environment for pupils, rooted in mutual respect.

The types of evidence you can use to demonstrate you are meeting this are:

  • Safeguarding practice matches policy

  • Class environment – how does environment support and extend learning?

  • Attendance and punctuality; bullying log/ behaviour log

  • Opportunities for learning outside school day; completion of homework

  • Pupil behaviour in lessons: behaviour systems promoting learning, e.g. peer feedback

  • Possible rewards and sanctions (including celebration assemblies, class assemblies)

  • Relaxed atmosphere within class – pupil talk; confidence to speak and discuss; for pinions

  • Lesson observation and learning walks; portfolio of (stimulating) displays &learning walls (which represent minorities e.g. disabled, ethnic groups, etc.)

  • Student voice – especially look for stimulating environment & high expectations; impact of peer mediators and peer coaching; pupil questionnaire

  • Cross-phase/ mixing year groups

  • Use of external agencies

  • Induction systems at start and middle of the year

  • Ability to work with parents/carers to establish positive behaviour

Remember that the evidence in isolation isn’t enough, you will need to annotate it to signpost exactly where/how you are meeting the standard.

You could use annotated lesson plans, observations or lesson evaluations to help with this or photographs of displays/report cards/rewards given. Make sure that you anonymise any student work you upload.

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