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Surviving & Thriving as a Teacher Audio Recording

Surviving & Thriving as a Teacher Audio Recording

Get a copy of the Audio Recording from the session!


Developing and embedding good emotional well-being into your daily routines enables you to become an empathetic teacher that pupils can connect with, thereby building good relationships with your learners.


Teachers do not just burn their metaphorical candle at both ends, they tend to just throw it into the furnace.  How do we, then, as teachers ensure that we are just as concerned with our own mental health and well-being as we are with that of our learners?

Session objectives

You will learn how to:

  • understand how to manage your own mental health during your early years of teaching (and beyond!)
  • recognise the signs of decreasing mental health and well-being in yourself
  • identify and work with your support network to help them recognise when your emotional well-being and mental health are suffering
  • embed good habits to build your resilience and develop into the teacher you want to be
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