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TS7 Managing Behaviour Effectively

TS7 Managing Behaviour Effectively

Without excellent behaviour, there cannot be excellent learning. Behaviour is never straightforward and there is no one set defined way of managing behaviour within a school or indeed a classroom. Behaviour management is important in the classroom, not least because it creates an appropriate environment for learning to take place. If there are clear boundaries then children are enabled to develop positive behaviour, such as respect, towards each other. Behaviour management also supports learning in a safe and calm environment. Behaviour management mainly features in Teacher Standard 7 but also forms part of Teacher Standard 1


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By the end of this session you will understand:

• The importance of routines

• The importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in managing behaviour

• How to deliver instructions to create a positive classroom atmosphere

• How to work positively and proactively with colleagues on insuring excellent behaviour

• The importance of consistency


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