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TS6 Assessment CPD Session - Audio

TS6 Assessment CPD Session - Audio

Listen back to the CPD Session on Assessment by purchasing this audio file of the session.


Assessment is an integral part of our learning and teaching. It facilitates daily ongoing review of individual progress and impacts on planning and target-setting for each child. In each phase of the school, students will have personal learning targets based on assessment outcomes.


TS6 states that teachers must make accurate and productive use of assessment. But how do we do that? By attending this session, you understand

💡understand the difference between formative and summative assessment

💡understand how to make use of formative and summative assessment to secure pupils’ progress 💡understand how to use relevant data to monitor progress, set targets, and plan subsequent lessons

💡understand how to give pupils regular feedback, both orally and through accurate marking,

💡understand how to encourage pupils to respond to the feedback.

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